Laurie PhotoWELCOME!

I’m thrilled that you’re checking out my website, which means you must be interested in yoga or beginning to explore the possibilities of yoga. Know this, yoga can be a transformational practice.

Every yoga teacher has a story about how yoga changed their life and and here is mine.

Almost 10 years ago  I was in recovery  from an eating disorder that had ruled my life since I was in my mid-teens. A dear friend kept encouraging me to “take a yoga class, take a yoga class, you’ll love it”. It took me a year but I finally went to one.

Whoa. I loved it for all the reasons that people initially come to yoga. However, the one thing that made it truly transformational was that it allowed me to drop my armor. For years I had built a significant shield around myself for protection. Little did I know that my armor also functioned as a prison to keep me closed off from my feelings, friends, family and living my life.

It’s not always easy living with an open heart, it’s a daily practice. However it’s a practice that I’m fully committed to and am excited to share it with you.

Yoga “Creds” and Inspirations:

200 hour RYT – Jivasara teacher training with Marni Task

Jivamukti Immersion – Sharon Gannon and David Life

Jivamukti Workshop, DC

30 hour – Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Training Program

90 Monkeys – Professional Development Courses for Yoga Teachers

Off the Mat into the World Leadership Training

Train the Trainer – The Schatz Method™

Yoga Journal Conference, NYC

Yoga Alliance Conference, DC

I’m also truly inspired by these amazing teachers: Kathryn Budig, Seane Corn, Amy Ippoliti,  Judith Lasater , Max Strom,  Gina Schatz, Laura Noss-Sutphen, Tamiko …and the list goes on.

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